1. Morgan Freeman Narrates the Greatest Story of Our Generation from Films For Action on Vimeo.

    Morgan Freeman narrates the greatest story of our generation - the story of the human journey at this critical moment in time. Of all the stories to belong to, this is the story to be a part of.

    Don’t watch it from the sidelines. Don’t wait for the experts to figure it out. Ask yourself: how can I become one of the weavers of the story? It’s a tapestry with 7 billion threads. What contribution do I want to make?

    If you’re not yet contributing to this story in some way, ask yourself why not? This is a story for everyone.

  2. One good afternoon took, this photo on the railway bridge in Nairobi 

  3. The Blue inspired Benin T-shirt 

    On this set I had decided to try and achieve a natural feel to the poses and the t-shirt, (did it work? - comment) My favourite is the second photo, it brings out the tee quite well and the model has a natural flair. 

    Go on and click-a-visit to their shop on FB or Etsy Rafiki Threads - photo shoot

  4. Dropping off cousins yesterday, I saw cars parked by the road, a people standing by the road, so we stopped and I ran out to find a car down by the river, luckily one driver and survived without an injury, i showed the picture to my fellow travellers and they said “oshwo ne wa mwathani” that one belongs to the Lord ( assumed translation)

  5. Its always a pleasure to go out and take some photos for aspiring fashion brands, i guess working with young creatives has really less politics, including the cheques and copyright issues :) 

    So here is a Long sleeved African Tee from the ” ROC Culture ” collection of Nairobi Based “ Rafiki Threads ” <——— Click there

    Like they say it on that side Do it For the Culture! Do it for the Children! so they may know how to appreciate other cultures.

  6. Farewell

    Some of my favourite images from a funeral i attended in Kenya

  7. She is a tailor

    A shot visit to Jinja, Uganda and visiting her shop where i found her sitted and working on a dress for one of her friends, truly inspired by the african prints that she was selling and I promised myself i will be back one day, i look forward to that day.

  8. a Shadow

  9. My Very First Baby Photoshoot,  I give thanks to the parents that brought their babies for this photoshoot, it was inspired by the Adorable- comfy maasai blankets for babies, Watch this Space for  selection of  baby carpets, baby maasai blankets, recieving blankets

  10. Dreams of Africa - Picnic/Travel Blanket Photoshoot

    I am tempted to add part 1 as i feel i still to do much more with this fantastic maasai inspired picnic blankets. 

    There are ideal for those who love the fresh outdoors and are looking for a travel blanket to have around, its combined with polar fleece material on one side and other side has the authentic maasai blanket original feel.

    visit their shop for a selection of what they have: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RafikiThreads